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About FAMA d.o.o. Vipava

June marks thirty years of growth and successful business operation of Fama – Vipava, a trading company. It has been growing steadily from June 18, 1990 when it was founded on the Vojkova ulica street. In the past years, it has become the biggest company in the Municipality of Vipava employing more than 125 employees, exceeding €20 million in net sales, and being financially sound all these years. Responsible business practices earned the company the “Spring Wind” award, the highest honor bestowed upon companies by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.
Fama focuses on wholesale as well as retail. The central wholesale warehouse is located in Vrhpolje near Vipava. It provides service to 720 external customers, mostly from the Primorska region, but in recent years the number of customers from other parts of Slovenia and even Italy and Croatia has been steadily growing. One very important share of customers comes from the Združenje malih trgovcev Slovenije, a small retailers association that sees a lot of activity from Fama.
Fama has two shopping centres, one in Vipava and the other one in Sežana, 21 stores, and several franchise countryside markets spanning from Trenta in the north to Pobegi in the south. Fama has more than 450 suppliers – including all the major Slovenian producers and distributors as well as several Italian retailers and producers resulting in original quality intended for the West European market on Fama’s shelves. Another company asset are products from farms and small local producers, which have been gaining wider recognition and selling exceptionally.
We are an employee friendly company and socially responsible company living and breathing with the local communities surrounding our places of business. The company headquarters have been located in Vipava from the very beginning of the company, so the ties to the community are the strongest here. Fama is a part owner of the savings bank Primorska hranilnica Vipava and it was through Fama’s engagement that the bank survived and grew its business. Fama was one of the initiators of the Vipava football club and has been the team’s main sponsor ever since. The club was just promoted to the newly established Slovenian Third League – West regional group. Fama is also the main sponsor of the Vipavska trgatev, a major local event, as well as many other events in the Municipality of Vipava and the rest of the Primorska region.

Aleksander Lemut, director